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Strikingly beautiful, Paternoster looks and feels different from the rest of the West Coast.

Directly translated 'Paternoster' means 'Our Father' but how the town got its name has never been proven. There are three main theories. The most mundane is derived from a type of fishing tackle. Popular legend has it that survivors of a Portuguese shipwreck gratefully said the 'Lord's Prayer'. However, a map dating from 1693 suggests that Paternoster was originally called St Martins Bay, evolving to St Martins Paternoster and then simply Paternoster.

Activities / places of interest in or nearby Paternoster:

  • Wander through streets filled with whitewashed houses and experience life in our quaint fishing village
  • Take a leisurely stroll on the beach
  • Visit the last manned lighthouse to be built on the South African coast
  • Explore the impressive Columbine Nature Reserve and discover an abundance of indigenous flora and fauna
  • Dine on fresh Cape West Coast lobster at one of the local restaurants
  • Engage in a spot of kite surfing, sea kayaking, fishing, golf, or horse riding
  • Book tickets to the world renowned Pieter Dirk Uys Theatre
  • Take in a wine tasting at one of the local wine farms
  • Indulge in the ultimate pamper experience at our in-house spa
  • Curl up in your room to snooze, read a book, or watch a movie

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