Pristine beaches and whitewashed village charm

A dreamy spot with uninterrupted sea views

Accessible and carefree seaside quietude

Casual luxury and impeccable service

Functional sensibility and mellow elegance

Special attention to guest comfort

Ask famously-friendly locals and visitors what Paternoster means to them and you’ll get as many answers as there are plant species in the fynbos floral kingdom.

Different from the rest of the Cape West Coast, Paternoster is one of few surviving traditional South African fishing villages. With its irresistible combination of pristine beaches and whitewashed charm, it is arguably one of the most magical destinations on earth.

Paternoster provides a decent traveller infrastructure, from vacation essentials to gastronomic experiences in quirky eateries, without losing its core identity as a beautifully preserved fishing village. There’s little surprise then that, 150 kilometers from Cape Town, Paternoster is a getaway magnet for visitors seeking accessible and carefree seaside quietude.

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